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Simulated Moving Bed System (SMB), Laboratory Scale, Biocompatible

SMB - biocompatible laboratory system
SMB - biocompatible laboratory system

SMB – biocompatible system for continuous chromatography in lab scale.

The AZURA Lab SMB System is optimized for the multicolumn separation of binary mixtures of small or biomolecules in gram-scale. The SMB System A29000 is the standard configuration of our AZURA Lab SMB. It consists of seven 8-multiposition valves and four AZURA P 4.1S included in four Assitants ASM 2.1L. The high pressure range and the biocompatibility as well as the flexibility of the multiposition valves make this system the perfect solution for SMB chromatography.

Simulated Moving Bed System, Pilot-Scale

AZURA SMB Pilot Scale
AZURA SMB Pilot Scale

SMB – System for continuous chromatography in pilot scale.

The AZURA Pilot SMB System is optimized for the separation of binary mixtures in gram to kilogram-scale. Its special emphasis is put on the continuous operation mode and high productivity.

A maximum pressure of 100 bar, eight columns and a flowrate of up to 500 ml/min allows you to do a separation on columns up to 50 mm ID.