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Purification of Cannabis Extract- optimizing the best HPLC column with the best mobile phase.

The need for high-purity cannabinoids is continuously growing. For this reason, it is of fundamental importance to find highly selective and efficient methods for their purification. In this application, the separation of six cannabinoids contained in a crude CBD extract has been evaluated on six analytical columns with four different mobile phase compositions under normal phase conditions. The information obtained could be useful for the setup of the following purification steps.

This Application Note from Knauer looks at six cannabinoid standards; namely CBD, CBG, CBN, Δ9–THC, CBC, and CBL, and their separation on 6 common HPLC column types: NH2, CN, Diol, C18, Phenyl, and Si. Four different mobile phase variants were used (Heptane/IPA, Heptane/EtOH, Hexane/IPA, and Hexane/EtOH) to also look for the optimal mobile phase for cannabinoid separation.

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For a PDF copy (660 KB) of this Application Note CLICK HERE. For full details on all Knauer’s applications, documentation, and equipment concerning the purification of cannabinoids go to KNAUER CANNABINOIDS