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A Reliable and Accurate High-Pressure Dosing Pump for Flow Rates of 100 to 1000 Ml/min

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate high-pressure dosing pump for semi-preparative and preparative applications, then the Knauer BlueShadow Pump 80P is the perfect candidate.

The 80P Pump

The Pump 80P is designed and manufactured by Knauer in Germany. It delivers stable and precise solvent flow for semi-preparative as well as preparative HPLC applications.

Flexibility with Interchangeable Pump Heads

The 80P pump will accommodate pump heads of 100, 250, 500, and 1000 ml/min, and can be swapped easily by the end user. All the pump heads are available in stainless steel or titanium, allowing the 80P pump to be used with a wide range of aggressive solutions and solvents, from pH < 1 up to > 13. A pump head heating/cooling block is available for high and low temperatures, such as for the pumping of liquid CO2.

Maximum Pressure Ratings of the Pump 80P

The maximum pressure ratings for the four pump heads are shown below.

  • 100 ml/min – 5800 psi, 400 bar
  • 250 ml/min – 3260 psi, 225 bar
  • 500 ml/min – 1450 psi, 100 bar
  • 1000 ml/min – 1088 psi, 75 bar

The pressure levels at constant flow for the four pump heads are shown in the diagram opposite/below.

Pump 80P Flow/Pressure Rates

Low-Pressure Gradients with the Pump 80P

By adding one or more additional Pump 80P units, binary, ternary, or even quaternary high-pressure gradient systems can be easily configured. Alternatively, binary (5 – 800 ml/min) or ternary (2 – 220 ml/min) LPG modules can be added to the pump heads to create low-pressure gradients.

Pump 80P Binary LPG Module
Pump 80P Ternary LPG Module

Mass Flow Control with the Pump 80P

Mini CORI-Flow are precise and compact mass flowmeters and controllers, based on the Coriolis measuring principle. These flowmeters can be connected to the Pump 80P to produce highly accurate flow, with the resulting output signal being strictly proportional to the real mass flow rate.

Cori-Flow meter for mass flow control
Pump 80P and Cori-Flow Mass Control Circuit

Pump 80P Technical Specifications

This matrix gives the technical specifications for all 8 versions of the Pump 80P, namely the 100, 250, 500, and 1000 ml/min pump heads in stainless steel and titanium. CLICK HERE for a PDF copy (200 KB). 

For details on all Knauer dosing pumps go to the page Rubicon Science – High Pressure Dosing Pumps.

For a copy of Knauer’s 2022/2023 Dosing Pump Product Selection Guide, which contains details on all Knauer’s detectors, flow meters, valves, fittings, and accessories for a wide range of dosing applications, CLICK HERE.