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Valve Drive with RFID

The valve drive AZURA® Valve Unifier VU 4.1 enables automatic valve switching. The display provides an user friendly operation. Due to its low switching time, the flow path is interrupted only for a very short time, and the pressure peaks are reduced to a minimum. The valve drive can be operated with software as well with an optional touch display (Mobile Control), via LAN or analog input/output, by which it can be integrated in nearly every LC system. Valves are identified via innovative RFID technology, which guarantees an easy valve exchange of KNAUER valves with RFID technology. This RFID technology enables to read GLP data, for example the maintenance of the rotor seal exchange is simplified by automatic notifications. CONTACT US for more information.

Knauer Dynamic Mixers

Knauer Dynamic Mixers can be operated together with a high or low pressure gradient system to effectively homogenize various buffers. Only a small space is needed in the lab due to the compact and robust design of the mixing chambers. Various mixing chamber volumes can be achieved through changing the number of mixing chamber segments, thus catering for different flow rates.

  • 1/16″, up to 420 bar
  • 1/8″, up to 250 bar
  • Stainless steel or titanium

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