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For easy size-exclusion chromatography

The AZURA® Bio SEC 10 system takes care of time-intensive SEC methods in your lab without blocking your fully-equipped FPLC system. Thanks to its compact design and intuitive FPLC software PurityChrom®, the system offers outstanding performance and ease of use. Pre-designed methods are included in the software and can be easily adapted by changing the column volume. AZURA Compact SEC supports all columns available on the market. The AZURA series is modular and can be flexibly configured or supplemented with further modules.

Key Features

  • Flow rate: 0,001–10 ml/min; 0.1 – 0.8 ml/min (recommended)
  • Maximum system pressure: 150 bar
  • Injection valve for sample injection via sample loop
  • Variable single wavelength UV detector (190–500 nm)
  • Fraction collector for fractionation
  • Compatible with columns from all venders
  • Intuitive PurityChrom® software
  • System suitable for cold room usage


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