Special Offer until 31.12.2018

The AZURA® Bio SEC 10 system takes care of time-intensive SEC (size exclusion chromatography) methods in your laboratory. If you own a fully-equipped FPLC system, it will be free again to take over the more complex purification methods. The robust components of this compact FPLC system work very precisely and ensure excellent separation performance. System and included software are ideal for automated purification and very easy to use. The AZURA series is modular and can be flexibly configured or supplemented with further modules at a later date.

System components.

The AZURA Bio SEC system contains a UV detector with a variable wavelength, an injection valve for automatic sample loading, and an isocratic system pump. The fraction collector reliably collects its purified sample into vessels of your choice from microtiter plates to bottles. The wetted parts are biocompatible and can be used with either buffer or with selected solvents. Control your runs with the easy-to-use FPLC software PurityChrom®. The software contains prefabricated methods, which can be easily adapted by changing the column volume. The user interface combines a clear visualization of the flow path with an intuitive device control.

PROMOTION EDITION: AZURA® Bio Lab purification 50

Special Offer until 31.12.2018

AZURA Bio Lab purification 50 is a gradient system for more complex purification of biomolecules on a laboratory scale. It is designed and optimized for all FPLC applications like size exclusion, ion exchange and affinity chromatography. All system modules can be freely exchanged and further ones can be added optionally, to find the best configuration for each purification task.

The system consists of a biocompatible buffer pump equipped with two pump heads to perform a gradient between two buffers. Monitor your gradient over the whole run using the conductivity monitor. Inject your sample via the injection valve and detect your substances using the integrated single wavelength UV detector. The fraction collector collects your purified fractions reliably. The system is controlled via user friendly FPLC software PurityChrom ® Bio. This software offers a high flexibility in method development and provides you with complete control over your run. Pre-designed methods are included in the software and can be easily adapted by changing the column volume.


Special Offer until 31.12.2018

AZURA HPLC Plus System features an AZURA P 6.1L HPG/LPG pump, an Autosampler 6.1L, a column thermostat CT 2.1, a MWD or DAD 2.1L UV/VIS detector with 8-variable UV measuring channels from 190 – 750 nm, as well as a Tablet PC with AZURA Mobile Control. It is the standard system with a backpressure range of 700 bar. It perfectly fits the demanding needs of a method development system, as well as the robust fitness of a routine analysis machine.

The P6.1L with a HPG configuration features a solvent selection valve to set up to 4 solvents to the system of which two can be blended simultaneously. The internal degassing unit will prevent air bubbles in the system. Every P 6.1L comes with an attached mixing chamber, which can be changed to a larger volume depending on the applications needs.

The DAD 2.1L features a novel light path and flow cell architecture with improved handling and excellent performance. The frontal lamp and cell change ensures easy and secure maintenance. The temperature controlled optical bench minimizes signal drift. The wide flow cell selection allows the DAD 2.1L to be easily adapted to your needs.

The Autosampler 6.1L can inject 0.1 – 5000 µl to have a large flexibility. Using standard vials or two microtiter plates will give you a maximum sample capacity of up to 768 samples or 108 vials.

The AZURA CT 2.1 is the new price attractive basic column thermostat. It is suitable for column thermostatization above and below room temperature. The instrument operates with a microprocessor controlled Peltier element for exact temperature settings.

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