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What are aflotoxins?

Aflotoxin B1 Molecule

Aflatoxins are a class of mycotoxins being produced by certain mold types, which grow on food products under unfavorable conditions. The most common microorganisms producing aflatoxins are Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticus, Aspergillus nomius, Aspergillus toxicarius, but there are several other species. Aflatoxins have been named after Aspergillus flavus. We know about 20 naturally occuring aflatoxins.

AZURA HPLC system for sensitive aflatoxin determination

With post-column photochemical derivatization and fluorescence detection

AZURA HPLC Aflotoxin System

The AZURA® Aflatoxin analysis system is specially designed to determine Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, and G2 in food and feed products such as peanuts, corn and cottonseed. It utilizes efficient post-column photochemical derivatization to improve fluorescence sensitivity for aflatoxins B1 and G1 drastically.

  • AZURA Autosampler AS 6.1L for automatted sample injection
  • AZURA Pump P 6.1L low pressure gradient pump with maximum pressure of 700 bar
  • AZURA Column thermostat  CT 2.1 for column tempering and reproducible results
  • Fluorescence detector RF-20A coupled to a photochemical postcolumn derivatization reactor for sensitive detection of aflatoxins 
  • Sample preparation kit consisting of SPE cartridges and method protocol 
  • Application description including method and analytical HPLC column

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AZURA® Education HPLC System

AZURA Education System
AZURA Education System

Isocratic HPLC system with variable single wavelength UV/VIS detector and manual injection, especially designed for educational purpose.

  • Complete isocratic analytical HPLC system that needs very little bench space
  • UV/VIS detector with one variable wavelength
  • Pump unit with pressure sensor for a low pulsation eluent supply
  • Optional AZURA Mobile Control App allows direct control of all integrated modules
  • Leakage protection
  • Complete software package ClarityChrom® (Educational Licence)
  • Notebook
  • Capillary scheme
  • Application note
  • Introduction to operation of software and hardware via short movies



Analytical HPLC/UHPLC system

The analytical HPLC and UHPLC systems of the KNAUER AZURA liquid chromatography instruments are designed to support and facilitate your work.

  • Isocratic binary high pressure gradient (HPG) or quaternary low pressure gradient (LPG) pump
  • Pump heads allowing flow rates up to 10 ml/min at 700 bar or 1000 bar up to 2 ml/min
  • Autosampler with 0.1 μl sample aspiration at max. 1240 bar with zero sample loss
  • Choice of highly sensitive UVD, MWD, DAD, or RID detectors with intelligent temperature control
  • Wide range of flow cells available, including remote cells
  • Finger-tight high pressure stainless steel capillary connections “K-Connect”
  • Extensive safety features such as leak management and sensors
  • Frontal access of detector lamp and pump head for easy maintenance

Preparative HPLC Systems

AZURA Prep HPLC Systems
AZURA Prep HPLC Systems

AZURA preparative HPLC systems.

AZURA Prep LC was developed and designed by scientists in the laboratory, to ensure highest flexibility and comfortably handling of large sample volumes. AZURA is perfectly suited for the purification of your products such as synthesis stages or active ingredients. Easy to operate and maintain, AZURA systems can be optimally adapted to the scale you need.