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Boosting your FPLC sensitivity with fluorescence-labeled proteins and fluorescence detection.

Increasing FPLC sensitivity with fluorescence-labeled proteins

This Technical Note from Knauer looks at the difference in sensitivity between the detection of BSA monitored with UV at 280 nm and the detection of fluorescence-labeled BSA with an in-line fluorescence detector (FLD).

A semi-preparative AZURA FPLC system was used in the experiment, with the addition of a motorized valve to allow for the automatic bypass of the FLD when only UV was required. The note also describes how the BSA was fluorescence-labeled with  fluorescein (FITC).

The results show that there is a 24 to 29-fold increase in sensitivity when detecting the fluorescence-labeled BSA on FLD compared to the UV detection at 280 nm.

For a pdf copy (650 KB) of this Technical Note CLICK HERE

AZURA FPLC system for Fluorescence Monitoring

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