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KNAUER freezing point depression osmometer

KNAUER vapour pressure osmometer K-7000

Semi-Micro Osmometer K-7400

Vapour Pressure Osmometer K-7000

The Semi-Micro Osmometer enables freezing point depression to be measured. Additionally, the total osmolality of physiological and biological liquids, transfusions, and infusion solutions can be measured. The measurement run is completely automated after the sample is injected. The instrument is equipped with a peltier cooling and an integrated microprocessor. The measuring head is available in two versions, one for glass vials and one for plastic vials with attached cap.

The Vapor Pressure Osmometer K-7000 is used to determine the total osmolality of biological liquids. In addition, molecular masses of polymers can be determined in aqueous or organic solvents. The instrument is optimally supported by the software EuroOsmo®, which simplifies management of methods and measuring curves for easy data evaluation.