Osmometers from Knauer


K-7400S Semi-Micro Freezing Point Osmometers


KNAUER is one of the pioneers in the field of osmometry and known for its reliable and user friendly instruments for many decades. Knauer's newest freezing point Osmometer K-7400S allows the easy and fast determination of the osmolality of various aqueous solutions. In addition, the freezing point depression of such samples can be measured.



EuroOsmo 7400 control software


EuroOsmo 7400 is an optional, user-friendly software developed for the freezing point Osmometers K-7400 and K-7400S. It allows control of the instruments and recording of the measured data. The software automatically plots the temperature curve for each measurement and calibration and allows saving of the measured values. As with the instrument itself, the user can choose between freezing point depression or osmolality to be displayed also in the software.



Plain Paper Printer


for the freezing point osmometer K-7400 and K-7400S, with power supply.


Osmometer Measuring Head (New)


The measuring head for plastic sample tubes has been developed and optimized for the K-7400S Semi-Micro Osmometer. Measurements with higher precision and reproducibility are now possible. Additionally, the use of special plastic sample tubes allows smaller sample volumes down to 50 - 150 µl to be measured. Due to the higher performance of the new measuring head it replaces the former models for glass and plastic sample tubes (A0840 and A0840-1)


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