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MembraPure GmbH was founded in 1993 and today the company has 30 employees based in Berlin, Germany. With a background in biology, biotechnology and chemistry they have wide experience high purity water purification systems, membranes and Amino Acid Analysis.

Aracus Amino Acid Analyser


The membraPure Amino Acid Analysis system of the new generation Aracus (successor of the A200) makes analysis of amino acids more up to date, fast and simple. It uses the classic method of routine analysis in amino acids with post column derivatisation using ninhydrine; also known as "the Gold Standard". A new procedure was developed, which allows analysis of physiological and hydrolysate amino acids with the same buffer system and column! The analyzer has a compact design of three individual units: the main unit, the autosampler and the eluent rack EluBox. The software is very user-friendly, self-explanatory and is certified according to the latest GLP criteria.

uniTOC water analysis


The uniTOC instruments have a compact design and fulfill all international standards.The uniTOC- line operates almost free of maintenance, which allows the online TOC determination under optimal conditions in many different fields of applications like pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics, chemical industry as well as the production and surveillance of potable water.For pharmaceutical usage the model uniTOC – process allows i.e. standard suitability test according to USP/Ph.Eur. and is conform with CFR 21part 11.


The uniTOC- analyzers oxidize the organic compounds by using a high energy, low voltage UV lamp and the resulting carbon dioxide is detected and measured by CO2 selective NDIR cells.