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The Knauer company is recognized in Europe as producing some of the best HPLC, FPLC and Osmometry instrumentation in the world. This reputation has been confirmed by the large number of third-party HPLC companies who use Knauer-manufactured components in their systems. Knauer has also built up a wide application base in the areas of Liquid Dosing, Chemical Analysis, Bioscience, Clinical, Environmental, Food, Pharma & Preparative applications.

AZURA Analytical is your complete solution for your daily HPLC routine. Flexible and adjustable to your needs.

AZURA Preparative HPLC for large sample volumes, easy fraction collecting, peak and solvent recycling.

AZURA Bio LC products offer biochromatography solutions for high resolution separations of proteins and other biomolecules.

Contichrom for purification of multiple processes: batch & sequential multi-column chromatography, SMB, Capture SMB & MCSGP.

BlueShadow range for specialist pumps and UV monitors.

Osmometers: Semi-Micro Osmometer K-7400 & Vapor Pressure Osmometer K-7000.

Dosing Pumps: for high pressure, high accuracy, aggressive liquids, viscous liquids, high temperature, low temperature & liquid gas.