Experts in Liquid Chromatography and associated technologies

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KNAUER for HPLC, biocompatible MPLC, Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) systems, dosing pumps, osmometers, HPLC columns and glass columns.

BIO-WORKS manufactures high performance agarose beads, with a wide variety of ligands, for bioseparations & removal of heavy metals.

Biotech Sweden manufacturers DEGASi degassing units, offering a broad range of degassers for flow rates from 0.5 ml/min up to 50 ml/min.

BIA Seps for Monolith Columns; for the rapid purification of biomolecules; particularly of Viruses, DNA & larger proteins.

ATOLL for packed columns with any  chromatography media for rapid comparison of performance such as binding capacities & flow rates.

KYA Technologies for the development and manufacture of a wide range of high quality, but highly competitively priced HPLC columns.

PROXCYS Downstream Biosystems for high performance, cGMP radial columns from 10ml bed volume up to process scale.

MembraPure for water purification, TOC Analysis (Total Organic Carbon) and state of the art Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) systems.