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BIOTECH DEGASi are the designers and manufacturers of a broad range of degassers for the on-line degassing of solvents .Their range stretches from MIcro to Prep degassers and for the degassing of water-based eluents to 100% organic solvents.

DEGASi® Classic;

an all-round degasser for most applications in the laboratory.

DEGASi® Classic is the first choice for most applications in analytical instrumentation and chromatography. This state-of-the-art stand alone degasser will provide you with trouble free and efficient degassing day after day.

2-5 channels, at up to 5ml/min per channel.


DEGASi Classic degasser


the ideal degasser when 100% organic solvents are used in the fluidic line.


DEGASi® GPC is the right choice of degasser if you are working with 100% organic solvents in your fluidic line. Example of application areas where this degasser is successfully used are GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) and Normal Phase Chromatography.

2-5 channels, at up to 5ml/min per channel.


DEGASi® GPC degasser

DEGASi® Micro:

the ideal degasser for minimal dead volumes


DEGASi® Micro: with only 100µl internal volume the internal volume of the DEGASi Micro is minimized while still keeping excellent degassing efficiency up to approximately 0.5 ml/min.

2-5 channels, at up to approximately 0.5ml/min per channel.



DEGASi® Micro degasser

DEGASi® Semi-Prep:

manages higher flow rates up to 6–10 ml/min



DEGASi® SEMI-PREP is equipped with 925µl degassing chambers for flow rates up to 6ml/min. These chambers can be used up to 10 ml/min but with a bit lower degassing efficiency.

2-5 channels, at up to 10ml/min per channel.



DEGASi® Semi-Prep degasser

DEGASi® Prep: for degassing at flow rates up to approximately 50ml/min



DEGASi® PREP has a unique design that assures reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available. The low internal volume of each Systec AF™ channel offers quick equilibration and short startup times compared with PTFE degassers.

2 channels, for up to 50ml/min.


DEGASi® Prep degasser

DEGASi® Compact: stand alone on-line degasser with the smallest footprint available


DEGASi® Compact: a new line of stand alone degassers which combine the cutting edge Systec technology with a very small footprint at an affordable cost.

2-6 channels, for up to 2ml/min per channel.



DEGASi® Compact degasser