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BIA Separations is the leading developer and manufacturer of CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic chromatographic columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules. BIA Separations develop and produce CIM® monolithic columns of the highest quality and provide superior research and method development services for purification and analytics of biomolecules.

CIM Kits & Packs


CIMmultus™ Purification Screening Kit contains a 1mL CIMmultus ion-exchange columns (QA and SO3) and one hydrophobic interaction chemistry column (OH) at a special promotional price.

CIMmultus™ HiP2 Plasmid Process Packs™ are intended to help scientists quickly develop their pDNA purification process and transfer it to production. Detailed instructions of the experiments are included in the pack, thus helping you to save time and money on all scales.

CIMmultus™ 1 mL Pack of 3 (chemistry of choice) supplies 3 columns of the same chemistry or combine 3 columns of different chemistry to discover which chemistry suites best your application.

CIMac™ Analytical


CIMac™ Analytical Columns combine all the characteristics of CIM monoliths at analytical scale and are your perfect tool for analysis and control of manufacturing processes, ideal for process analytical technology (PAT). Designed for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of proteins, viruses, pDNA, and other large biomolecules, they allow you to achieve rapid, high-resolution separations in a matter of minutes.

CIMmultus™ Disposable


CIMmultus™ is the new and improved line of monolithic columns, distinguished by 2 µm flow-through channels, designed for working with large proteins (IgG, IgM, PEGylated proteins), viruses, VLPs, phages, and pDNA. Due to their performance properties, CIMmultus™ columns can be used as single-use disposable or multi-use columns. An important feature of CIMmultus™ is its housing; made of epoxy thermoset materials and reinforced with carbon fibers, it gives the column the same structural strength as stainless steel. CIMmultus™ columns are cGMP compliant.

CIM line


CIM® line monolithic columns are the first generation of monolithic products and the precursor of the optimized CIMmultus™ line of products. Distinguished by 1.5 µm flow-through channels, CIM® line is available in polypropylene and stainless steel housings and intended for liquid chromatographic purification and concentration of large biomolecules.

CIM® line is currently commercially available, but it will soon be completely replaced by its enhanced successor, the optimized CIMmultus™ line.