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ATOLL GmbH provides laboratories in the biotechnological and diagnostic industries with chromatographic screening, validation and production tools, specifically configured to meet the client's most stringent needs; using chromatographic resin from any manufacturer of choice.

MediaScout® MiniColumns


MediaScout® CentriColumns are part of the 96 well MiniColumn platform from Atoll and are delivered customized, pre-packed with a broad range of commercially chromatography media. CentriColumns are operated by centrifugation and fit to any 96 DIN centrifuge able to accept the 41 mm high CentriColumn array excluding base collection plate.


MediaScout® PipetColumns are part of the 96 well MiniColumn platform from Atoll and are delivered customized, pre-packed with a broad range of commercially chromatography media. MediaScout® PipetColumns are operated with positive liquid displacement pipettes (PLD) such as Eppendorf´s Multipette® stream or Xstream.


MediaScout® RoboColumns® are small chromatography columns for fully automated and parallel chromatographic separations with robotic liquid handling workstation such as Tecan’s Freedom EVO®. Up to 96 RoboColumns® can be individually and easily arranged / fixed onto a 96 well array plate according to application requirements.

MediaScout® MiniChrom columns


MediaScout® MiniChrom columns are part of the column platform MediaScout® from Atoll and are delivered ready to use, pre-packed with a broad range of commercially chromatography media.


MiniChrom columns are designed for processed development, method optimization and parameter screening as well as sample preparation.

Various column dimensions, e.g. bed heights are in direct and logical ratio and allow straight forward comparative evaluation of process relevant parameters.


MiniChrom columns are 100% quality checked for HETP and asymmetry. Individual laser labeling containing PN and SN ensure traceability to the corresponding performance data. CoA are available on request and are delivered which each individual column for a slight surcharge.

MediaScout® ValiChrom


MediaScout® ValiChrom columns are high precision glass columns pre-packed with a broad range of chromatography media.


ValiChrom columns are available in various inner diameters and individually flow-packed to any customized bed height between 100 and 600 mm with a precision of 1 mm.


MediaScout® ValiChrom columns are designed for accurate scale-down modeling, parameter evaluation and optimization as well as for process validation purposes.


ValiChrom columns are delivered with individual columns performance data:

•CoA showing packing performance (N/m, As)

•CoA showing pressure flow rate characteristics

MediaScout® MaxiChromAC


MediaScout® MaxiChromAC columns are ready-to-use and pre-qualified process chromatography columns available pre-packed with almost any commercial chromatography media based on soft e.g. Agarose, or semi-rigid e.g. PMMA polymeric backbone.


MaxiChromAC columns are designed for the purification of biopharmaceutical compounds such as mAbs and completely made of polymeric materials which allows easy disposal after usage.


As a result of this disposable design, MediaScout® MaxiChromAC columns can be used in single-use production workflows for pre-clinical, clinical phase I and II studies as well as for full-scale manufacturing depending on scale and titer of the corresponding fermentation process.